Uses of AquaVantage

Explore our impact. From industry to domestic use, our technology solves the toughest of scale on pipes of all sizes.

Cooling towers

  • Removes calcite build-up
  • Enhances bactericontrol
  • Improves heat transfer

Read how we helped remove ½ inch thick hard-rock limescale from a power station’s cooling tower pipework ›

Industrial plants

  • Removes major scale
  • Works on larger pipes
  • Converts rust to non-reactive form

Read how we worked at a brine plant to help solve carbonate and sulphate fouling in its system ›

Hotel complexes

  • Reduces energy and maintenance costs
  • Saves on chlorine use
  • Superior quality water

Read how we delivered superior quality water and savings for a flagship hotel in Riyadh ›

Swimming pools

  • Cleans and restores fittings
  • Reduces scum deposits
  • Less chlorine and stabilisers required

Read how we minimised associated issues with calcium hypochlorite use at a swimming pool ›


  • Wetter water penetrates soil better
  • Improves leaching away of excess salinity in soil
  • Healthier and stronger plants

Concrete & cement manufacture

  • Up to 12% stronger concrete
  • Increases volume consistency
  • Less water and additives required

Marine and Navy Vessels

  • Removes scale from pipes, calorifiers and equipment
  • Increases the life of capital equipment
  • Reduces maintenance of seawater cooled engines

Domestic homes

  • Dramatically reduces scale build up
  • Delivers water with no bacteria or impurities
  • Less chlorine evident


  • Reduces scaling and bacteria
  • Eliminates fouling
  • Enhances cleaning and reduces chemical usage

Heat exchangers

  • Reduces calcite scaling
  • Enhances thermal heat transfer
  • Eliminates fouling

The right solution

Whether a larger industrial pipe or a small domestic network, our AquaVantage units scale to fit. The external pipe size of the installation point sets the electrical characteristics for the unit you will require.

Domestic unit

Our smallest unit for household use, on incoming main and boiler pipework

Mid-range unit

For mid-range sized pipes such as commercial buildings, hotels, swimming pool supply lines


Our largest standard units for major industrial pipes well over a meter in diameter

To discuss your requirements… CONTACT US TODAY

Meet others who have solved scale issues

“As a result of installing three units, the [hotel] has saved on salt, chlorine, energy and maintenance time, whilst providing guests with superior quality water and swimming facilities.”
Flagship Hotel and Towers in Riyadh 



  • We’re a technology company using a unique electromagnetic waveform and our own tech to digitally treat water and solve the toughest of scale problems in pipes of all sizes. From domestic pipework to large-scale industrial pipes, we’re confident you’ll typically achieve payback within 3-12 months. If not, we’ll work with you to make it work.

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