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If you’ve identified a scale problem and are considering AquaVantage, explore 1-3 below for how our technology works. At the end of this page, we’ve listed our available units to help you choose the right one for you.

Identify a suitable installation point

Thoroughly survey the site and find an installation point before scaling occurs. You will also need a suitable power supply point and no nearby electrical noise that could reduce the treatment’s effectiveness. For industrial use, our distributors will help you to do this. Many engineers use a pocket radio tuned between bands as a simple noise scanner.

Install AquaVantage and benefit from our unique waveform

Our technology involves a coil of wire wrapped around the pipe to be treated – through which AquaVantage passes our unique and complex electrical waveform. This alternating and switching electromagnetic field subjects piped water to a wide range of changing electrical forces, continuously agitating molecules in the water.

How our electromagnetic wave exerts an effect on contents of a pipe

Polarity changes from positive to negative many thousands of times per second.

Discrete pulses generate frequencies varying from 1,000 cycles per second to 21,500 cycles per second. A range of frequencies wide enough to impact water and materials in water over a wide range of pipe sizes.

Amplitude is varied up to several amps on our larger units with a unique spectral density to ensure the correct power exposure at each pulse frequency.

All of which means that the water molecules and the material in the water are being subjected to a wide range of electric field forces, which changes their state.

Let AquaVantage work its magic over time

Right from installation, our unique waveform will start changing the state of molecules in the water being treated, disrupting the bonds between them and bonded water molecules. This causes calcium carbonate to precipitate within water as aragonite, instead of on the surfaces of pipes as hard insoluble calcite, thus reducing calcium saturation levels within the water. Aragonite is then simply removed, with continued application of AquaVantage continuing this conversion to aragonite.

How our technology and waveform change the state of molecules in water

A physical, ionic change takes place that repels silica, alumina and iron which normally act as binders and make scale form. Free electrons are generated which allow Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium) to dissociate from CO3 (Carbonate), SO4 (Sulphate) and HCO3 (Hyrdocarbonate) and assume their neutral atomic states. This stops scale from forming and removes scale deposits.

On evaporation, only neutral minerals form and any calcium carbonate scale that’s left will form as neutral aragonite instead of calcite. Neutral aragonite will deposit as sediment – in low flow areas, at the bottom of sumps, in cooling tower basins – where it can be removed with ease at regular service intervals.

The induced stream of electrons also transforms trivalent iron into divalent iron. Rust particles are dislodged and flushed out until a protective film of saturated ferrous oxide is formed inside the pipe.

The right solution

Whether a larger industrial pipe or a small domestic network, our AquaVantage units scale to fit. The external pipe size of the installation point sets the electrical characteristics for the unit you will require.

Domestic unit

Our smallest unit for household use, on incoming main and boiler pipework

Mid-range unit

For mid-range sized pipes such as commercial buildings, hotels, swimming pool supply lines


Our largest standard units for major industrial pipes well over a meter in diameter

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“As a result of installing three units, the [hotel] has saved on salt, chlorine, energy and maintenance time, whilst providing guests with superior quality water and swimming facilities.”
Flagship Hotel and Towers, Riyadh 



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