Digital water treatment perfected

Our unique waveform and technology eliminates the toughest scale in pipes of all sizes


From domestic to industrial use

Our unit emits a continuously changing electromagnetic waveform that disorientates molecules in water.

So much so that scale is released and washed away, taking associated bacteria with it. Moreover, our waveform prevents scale from forming in the first place and converts any rust to a non-reactive form.

Payback typically 3-12 months through increased performance. Our aim is to…

Eliminate scale

Our primary aim is to leave no undesired hard-scale behind

Reduce maintenance costs

Plus, the possibility of extending the life of your valued pipework

Deliver quick payback

If not, we’ll work with you to make our technology perform better

Looking for more reasons to choose AquaVantage?

Meet others who have solved scale issues

“As a result of installing three units, the [hotel] has saved on salt, chlorine, energy and maintenance time, whilst providing guests with superior quality water and swimming facilities.”
Flagship Hotel and Towers, Riyadh 



  • We’re a technology company using a unique electromagnetic waveform and our own tech to digitally treat water and solve the toughest of scale problems in pipes of all sizes. From domestic pipework to large-scale industrial pipes, we’re confident you’ll typically achieve payback within 3-12 months. If not, we’ll work with you to make it work.

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