About us

AquaVantage was developed and is manufactured by two brothers: Dr Mark and Dr Simon Vaughan. As it’s presently known, AquaVantage was launched on the market during 2001, but its history of development dates back over ten years prior to this.

Our story

Having formed Vaughan Industries Limited – a company to develop various electronic products – the brothers were approached in 1991 by Water Care Technology Ltd to develop a new kind of electronic descaling device.

With an analogue device already on the market, Water Care Technology (WCT) recognised that larger industrial facilities suffered from scale and were paying large sums of money for water treatment. With pipe sizes only set to increase, WCT looked to commission the development of a higher-powered unit.

After various attempts with limited success, WCT eventually turned to Simon and Mark at Vaughan Industries… and this led to the launch of the first, industrial digital de-scaler. The product worked well, with WCT and Vaughan Industries joining under a five-year exclusivity agreement using the Scale Ban name.

When Vaughan Industries acquired Water Care Technology Ltd, the new AquaVantage name was launched. This involved a new range of digital descaling products and a few new enhancements which were long overdue.

The results have been excellent. Major clients include a chain of family-name burger stores, top-tier hotel groups, hospitals, government buildings, and large chemical companies all using the product with great satisfaction.

AquaVantage continues to go from strength to strength.

The right solution

Whether a larger industrial pipe or a small domestic network, our AquaVantage units scale to fit. The external pipe size of the installation point sets the electrical characteristics for the unit you will require.

Domestic unit

Our smallest unit for household use, on incoming main and boiler pipework

Mid-range unit

For mid-range sized pipes such as commercial buildings, hotels, swimming pool supply lines


Our largest standard units for major industrial pipes well over a meter in diameter

To discuss your requirements… CONTACT US TODAY

  • We’re a technology company using a unique electromagnetic waveform and our own tech to digitally treat water and solve the toughest of scale problems in pipes of all sizes. From domestic pipework to large-scale industrial pipes, we’re confident you’ll typically achieve payback within 3-12 months. If not, we’ll work with you to make it work.

  • 01872 561288

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