Delivering superior quality water and savings for a flagship hotel in Riyadh

“As a result of installing three units, the [hotel] has saved on salt, chlorine, energy and maintenance time, whilst providing guests with superior quality water and swimming facilities,” according to the hotel’s chief engineer.

About our work

We worked closely with the in-house engineering team throughout extensive trials at this flagship hotel in Riyadh. The in-house team wanted to improve water quality and installed units in three different hotel locations: (1) the main water supply to the guest rooms, kitchens, laundry and other service areas (2) the swimming pool and (3) the calorifier room.

The challenge

In the calorifier room, the heating tubes had 18-months of scale build-up before our units were fitted. Prior to the using our AquaVantage technology, these tubes required acid treatment, mechanical chipping and heavy wire brushing, taking several hours and risking damage to the heating tubes.

The swimming pool had suffered from scum deposits around edges, while lime scale had formed on steel fittings and in the pool’s plant room. Stabilizers were required to correct the pH balance and large amounts of chlorine were being used.

Our solution

AquaVantage technology was installed. In all three cases these units proved highly effective.

After fitting a unit to the main guest rooms and kitchen water supply, the existing salt charged water processing plant was switched off. It has not been used since, saving many tonnes of salt, a substantial amount of money, and a considerable amount of time.

The swimming pool installation was equally impressive, vastly improving water quality, whilst reducing chemical usage to one half of previous dosing levels. This was entirely as a result of the stabilisation of the water and the hygienic effects of our descaling unit.

The reduction in chlorine dosing resulted in much improved swimming quality in this heavily used pool, whilst maintaining water consistency.

Having utilised a unit in the calorifier room, scale within the tubes could be easily and gently brushed off. The calorifier housing itself was virtually free of scale, with a little wet sludge in the bottom that was easily scooped out.

For the first time ever, after fitting our units to the calorifiers, the hotel heating system did not require turning on during the winter period, which created a significant saving in heating costs

The right solution

Whether a larger industrial pipe or a small domestic network, our AquaVantage units scale to fit. The external pipe size of the installation point sets the electrical characteristics for the unit you will require.

Domestic unit

Our smallest unit for household use, on incoming main and boiler pipework

Mid-range unit

For mid-range sized pipes such as commercial buildings, hotels, swimming pool supply lines


Our largest standard units for major industrial pipes well over a meter in diameter

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Meet others who have solved scale issues

“As I have experienced, this is a widespread problem to operators using calcium hypochlorite as a disinfectant and I would strongly recommend that a unit of this size be fitted to the dosing lines to eliminate blockages and associated troubles and costs.”
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